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An Open Letter to the British Prime Minister

How the Prime Minister can use the impasse between NI Unionists and Republicans

   - to protect the UK economy against the after effects of             Brexit,

   - to supercharge the economy of NI and

   - to resolve the Irish Question

12th September 2021

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Loyalist drug barons hold NI to ransom

While the media at home and abroad see our children rioting on the streets and grab at anyone who will talk to them to either sensationalise it or muddy the waters, the real story behind it all gets sidelined and lost.

9th April 2021

London Abstract


2nd April 2021

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Why Loyalists and Republicans should both support Intradependence for Northern Ireland

Those who have supported the most extreme views of Loyalism and Republicanism are generally agreed on one point – there is no place in the same room for both of them at the same time. Each side measures its own worth by how much it opposes the other. But, even so, they stopped fighting after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

9th January 2019

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The PM says her plan is the only one on the table. She does not say that this is because she has blocked every other viable option. Why? Her strategy is to kill discussion of anything else and she will have succeeded if she gets Parliament to back her in January without having discussed Intradependence for NI. How do we know? Because this website exposed it 22 months ago, but nobody believed it. So read on, take a close look at what the government has been suppressing. Prepare to be affronted, and to act.

9th January 2019

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Is Theresa May deliberately covering up another viable option for Brexit and the Irish Border Problem?

Does the DUP speak for the whole of Northern Ireland with their Red Lines?

Is anybody actually thinking about the real financial future of Northern Ireland? 

Is there a  reason to Dance!

13th October 2018

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A full 18 months after it was first sent to the UK government – under the title ‘The Preposterous Idea’ - Theresa May is now understood to have received the EU Brexit proposal made by Intradependence NI.

15th Jume 2018

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Proposal sent to PM and Taioseach

We have sent this Intradependence Proposal to all the Party Leaders, State Leaders and EU Representatives.

11th April 2018

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Why Michel Barnier will not expose UK cover up

With time running out for the UK to firm up on its Brexit proposal, Michel Barnier knows that the UK has more than two options but is not saying he knows.

25th May 2018

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'Professor of Peace' Peter Robinson Fails to get Measure of Economic Reality

Peter Robinson addressed an audience at Queens University as he took up the post of Professor of Peace Studies.

7th June 2018

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