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STEP ONE -  Consumer Choice Democracy and Inward Investment

First, the UK and Irish governments run an educational campaign to explain Intradependence and then seek public support from the NI electorate for the Principle of Consumer Choice Democracy. 


HM Treasury and their counterparts in The Dail and Stormont prepare and test taxation and benefit models to enable voters to register as either Ulster British, Ulster Irish or Ulster Independent, to ensure the transfer of funds from one department to another – and to be able to switch tax payers from one designation to another by a simple change of tax code.


All treasuries provide illustrations of the cause and effect of different choices for voters to assist decision making.


UK, NI and RoI governments launch campaigns to attract GB companies wishing to operate in the EU to transfer across the Irish Sea instead of crossing the English Channel. All governments combine and cooperate to attract world-wide inward investment to support strategic industries and infrastructures throughout the island, including education and health.


EU, UK, NI and RoI combine to transform communications across the island to support the new economy

STEP TWO – Intradependence and Strategic Investment

Once we adopt Consumer Choice Democracy, we will be able to embrace Intradependence and begin running our economy more and more powerfully, able to justify confidence in major strategic investments like a channel tunnel between Ireland and GB and/or high speed freight ferries direct to the EU.


STEP THREE – Consolidated United Island

Having integrated our communications and our economy, assuring prosperity right across the island for one another, we can then consider the future from a position of economic strength and cultural cohesion.

Here, in the independence of a united Northern Ireland- we will find our springboard for success and our self respect.

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