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Time On Your Hands?

We need volunteers to help us spread the word, to raise funds, and prepare for the future. We are embarking on a journey together and our movement will need your support to carry the load as we grow. We have a prize worth working for with every ounce of energy and we have a clear plan.

Please email us at to join our team.

Want to Stand for Election?                

Come and talk to us:

No Time On Your Hands?                

If you are just too busy to get involved yourself, you can do the next best thing by funding those who have the time to do it. Make your commitment by simply hitting the Donate Button. Thank you.


Intradependence NI is a movement for people from all parties to join. It delivers for all interests in our society. We have been in contact with all the Political Parties and Heads of State and EU Representatives. They are all aware of this answer to our Brexit and Border problems. But they are stuck. And they need our help to go in the right direction.

Our aim is to get the Parties to form a Coalition to amend the Good Friday Agreement. In tandem with this we will prioritise winning agreement from both British and Irish governments to begin work on facilitating Consumer Choice Democracy.

We know our idea is welcomed by many from all parties. So, if you are a member of one of them, we hope you will feel you can join us as well. Please share this website with your friends and encourage them to join too. We do not have to be at odds with one another.

If you believe in what we are embarking upon please come and join us. Email us now at


Thank you.

World Peace
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