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OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER                                                                                   9th September 2021


Dear Prime Minister,

How you can use the impasse between NI Unionists and Republicans

      to protect the UK economy against the after effects of Brexit,

      to supercharge the economy of NI and

      to resolve the Irish Question


Protecting the UK economy against the after effects of Brexit

The UK economy is haemorrhaging jobs, businesses and tax revenues to the EU through a massive exodus across the English Channel - 2,300 businesses in the first 6 months of 2021. The BBC reports thousands more are in the pipeline – aided and abetted by the Department of International Trade.

This is the lifeblood of the UK economy being encouraged to leave and it must be stopped now. Getting them back or replacing them will be no easy task, and cost us dearly.


Supercharging the NI economy

Many of these companies could have stayed in the EU simply by moving to NI. But the UK government made no effort over this. In fact, only one of the 2,300 was referred to NI by DIT from January to June.

Inward investment holds the key to the long term future of NI and to the resolution of the Irish Question itself.  The economy is the single necessary common ground between Unionists and Republicans – and so is the only firm base for building a united NI (the necessary foundation for peace and co-operation). Here is the unrepeatable chance to make NI prosper – as well as and alongside the RoI and the UK.

Refocusing the DIT to prioritise NI as the optimum destination for EU-bound GB businesses can be done immediately, if necessary with incentives, to keep them within the UK. This will be transformative.


Resolving the Irish Question

Impossible as it may sound, this is a deal that can be done. This is where two negatives make a positive and each side gets what it wants most.

The one thing you can do Prime Minister is to offer Unionists and Republicans the deal they cannot refuse.  To the Unionists you must offer the agreement by Republicans to work with them wholeheartedly to make NI an outstanding economic success. To Republicans you must offer agreement by Unionists to work with them wholeheartedly to make an Ireland-wide economy work.

Constitutionally the path is laid out as Consumer Choice Democracy via

Consider them as Siamese twins joined back to back. The task is to get them facing the same way. They have more in common than you might imagine. Both need assurance of their long term futures.


Prime Minister, you have shown a most unusual approach to highly sensitive and delicate matters throughout your career – occasionally leaving loose ends that have a propensity to come back and bite you. The Protocol is one of those. But I believe your preference is to view these throw backs as opportunities to work a bit of magic.

Here is such a case in point. In one sweep you can protect the UK economy, supercharge the NI economy, and resolve the very old, expensive, and damaging Irish Question.

Please tell the DUP (on whose watch these 2,300 companies went without challenge) to concentrate on the NI economy rather than the protocol. Pay for that yourself from these savings. And do seize your chance.

Yours sincerely


Garvin Crawford

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