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Intradependence is the constitutional status that lets us choose our policies, our allegiances, and our leaders, based on economic performance. It gives us common ground, enabling us to end sectarianism in the political arena as well as become prosperous.


It makes NI independent of both Ireland and the UK so that between them – as in intradependence - they assure our security and guarantee us financially without having any other input into our government.  


As John Hume said ‘this is not about territory, it is about people.’ Intradependence expresses this another way – not as joint authority, but as joint responsibility.


It’s taking charge of our economy

It’s the way of voting for policies, not flags

It’s how we take sectarianism out of NI politics

It’s prioritising a united island over a disunited Ireland

It’s showing we can do this in stages

It’s us building a united Northern Ireland as the foundation

It’s us voting for our identity without upsetting our neighbours

It’s leaving the same old same old behind us

It’s the way we put our money where our mouths are

It’s putting the paramilitaries out of business

It’s the cavalry coming over the hill!

It’s the 100 year old missing answer to the Irish Question

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